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Omani Dress

Update: Centre for Omani Dress founded by Julia AlZadjali

About the Centre for Omani Dress (COD)
The Centre for Omani Dress is firmly committed to the study of the Sultanate of Oman’s national dress identity and in sharing it with the world by way of research, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, publications and other educational schemes.

www.muscatdaily.com 19/03/2011 11:00 am

Centre for Omani Dress to open museum

The Centre for Omani Dress (COD) is setting up a museum to house its collections and preserve the history of Omani dress.

“By the end of 2011 we are going to open a museum of Omani dress with a collection of over 600 pieces ranging from local clothing to jewellery to cosmetics,” said Julia al Zadjali, founder of COD, during the presentation of ‘Fabrics of Omani dress’ at Muscat Employees' Association recently.

During the event organised by the American Women’s Group in Oman (AWG), the participants were given a chance to explore the textiles and patterns of Omani dresses. “Our organisation consists of around 700 women residents of different nationalities, not only American. Through such events, we want to introduce them to the local Omani customs,” said Margaret Haas Hurtado, president of AWG.

Julia gave the participants hands-on experience through presenting the results of her research on Omani dresses and enabling them to touch the textiles that the dresses used to be made of. “The so-called Omaniya style is very colourful, bright and beautiful. Though the pattern and textiles differ from region to region, it’s an excellent representation of Oman’s rich culture and heritage,” Julia told Muscat Daily.

Located in Mawaleh, the museum will be divided into four parts: a woman’s, male’s and children room as well as a special area for embellishments of Omani dress.

The museum will showcase how the dresses have changed over the years. Visitors will also be able to buy books, cards, traditional bags or dressed in local cloths dolls in a gift shop. The profits will help raise funding for COD’s research activities.